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I have been "dual sporting" my KTM 200 EXC for about 6 months now.. I don't know how many miles I have put on it, but a few thousand at least...

I have a Vapor unit for speed/tach. I have a headlight and brake light.

I love riding that damn bike as much as humanly possible.. I try to only use the roads to get to the trails though. It's not bad on the roads, just more fun off the road. I have brought it on the highway and if I keep it to about 55-60mph it is spinning around 5-6k RPM. I try to not keep the RPMs constant or to coast too much, and if I am coasting or steady RPM I'll drop a gear and rev it out a little to get some lube in the cylinder.

Also - I don't notice bad gas mileage.. I have the stock tank on it and I hit reserve at about 60-70 miles.. So I'm guessing almost 80-100 miles off a full tank. For oil I carry a Lucas fuel additive bottle in my fender bag. It has enough oil in it to fill the gas tank one more time.. Very rarely do I go over 100 miles in a day, and if I do, I have the oil backup at all times.

It's all in how you treat it really. Treat it well and it will treat you well :)
i wanna get a plated KTM 200 to do a local DS hooligan ride.... did you have to do anything special to the jetting to get it to run 60mph on the street?....
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