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Originally Posted by 2T2_Ryder View Post
Well I know my trip is a ways off but I'm too excited to hold it in so here goes. I have had the ever increasing need to wander for awhile now due to life circumstances, amongst them is an upcoming 6 month deployment. I've talked to my wife who luckily is very supportive and knows what riding does for my psyche. So while most think it would be crazy to return from a long deployment and suddenly leave their wife and child behind for another month to explore the country seems irresponsible and selfish, I have decided to do just that. I'll be looping the US from NJ to the west coast and back in the span of a month starting in July '14. I will be posting a ride report for all to see and for fellow scram owners to take notes. I have been very inspired by RicoAJP's video to say the least so thanks for that! I plan to stick to rural routes and stealth camp as often as possible. I had contemplated taking my speed triple but I think the scram will give me more of an emotional journey which is what I'm after rather than watch the country go by in a, fellow long distance scram riders, I'm asking your help for suggestions on what has worked well for luggage, gear, bike setup etc...thanks for any input and I look forward to hearing your ideas!
First off 2T2, THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE! I have one son out after 4 years and one son in still so I understand to some degree your need for the trip. It also sounds like a great way for you to have a plan to look forward to besides the obvious reunion with your family. The time spent on the bike will certainly help you sort things out after your deployment. The Scram is an excellent choive and I can't offer any words of advice because so far I've only done day trips on mine. Mext year on plan on taking my Scram instead of 800 XC on my two long trips because I know it will do it and it will be at least as much fun if not more. Good luck and be safe!
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