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Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by Bugchewer View Post
First off 2T2, THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE! I have one son out after 4 years and one son in still so I understand to some degree your need for the trip. It also sounds like a great way for you to have a plan to look forward to besides the obvious reunion with your family. The time spent on the bike will certainly help you sort things out after your deployment. The Scram is an excellent choive and I can't offer any words of advice because so far I've only done day trips on mine. Mext year on plan on taking my Scram instead of 800 XC on my two long trips because I know it will do it and it will be at least as much fun if not more. Good luck and be safe!
Thanks Bugchewer, I thank your sons for their service as well. You are exactly right, planning this trip will help give me something to look forward to and help this deployment go by quicker. Every chance I get to use the Internet over there will be used to buy gear and send it to my house in the states waiting for my return :) Great call in taking the scram on your next trip, sure the tiger is better suited, as was my Sprint 1050 that I sold but the scram is IMO the essence of motorcycling and lets you get back to the basics and feel the world around you. Enjoy!

[QUOTE=ChuBrocka;22633440]Sounds like a great trip, I'm jealous! I've used a Ventura rack with their 50 L. I added a 1 gallon rotopax and tied a 30 L dry bag with my camping gear in it on the rack. That's worked well for weeklong trips. That being said, I'll be getting a happy trails setup in the near future. I like the convenience of not having to tied down everything and being able to lock them.

Awsome ChuBrocka, I really like your setup. That is along the lines of what I want to do. What tank bag are you running and where did you get it and the dry bag? The HT racks are not out of the question but I'm not sure how often I would use them as I probably won't be doing too many long trips after this one until I retire from the military in 6 years. The rotopax is a must though. Oh, awesome pics, looks like a great trip. Thanks for posting!
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