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Originally Posted by MKJ View Post
You were the only person to respond to my comment, so I assumed there was some association. I feel in a free country on an open forum, I may express myself as I choose, just as others are here. I'm judging no one, simply stating an opinion. Do you have a problem with me exercising that freedom?
The only freedoms you have on a privately owned website are those that the site owner allows you.

And, yeah, your comments were condescending and unnecessary. If you want to pack light, do so. If you want to pack the kitchen sink, do so. No need to criticize others for how they pack, and definitely no need to suggest that someone might as well drive a car if they're packing so much.

I try to pack light myself, and frankly a lot of these setups are FAR too overpacked for my tastes... But I've still gotten a lot of good ideas that I can incorporate into my own packing from a setup that is far from what I'd like as a whole.
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