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Originally Posted by Screzzy View Post
I don't know if I'm stupid or just naive. I consider myself only adequate as a rider, but whenever someone posts something like this I just want to jump on the SV and give it a shot. "Ride what you got", right? But then I think about how I might inconvenience people if I get stuck in mud, damage the bike, etc. The problem is probably that I have 3 bikes in the garage and none of them are dual-sports.
This is an interesting point.

One the one hand, it's awesome to see guys show up to rides on oddly inappropriate bikes, and ride crazy stuff. It's a great learning experience and a good way to see what you and your bike are capable of.

On the other, it can be aggravating when everyone else shows up on a true dual sport ready to tackle mud and rocks and what not; and then there is one guy that either doesn't have the skill set or the equipment to do the same. Slows everyone down and reduces everybody's fun factor. The more hardcore guys are annoyed by going slower than they want and not riding everything they want to; and the slower guys are annoyed by feeling rushed and thrust into situations that are over their heads. I've been on both sides of this.

Me personally, I always think it's acceptable to show up on anything if you are friends with the other guys on the ride - friendship allows for a lot of tolerance and in those circumstances it's more about the quality time with buddies than the ride. If you are a lurker or don't personally know the other guys coming, you're better off to ride what they are riding and make sure your skill set is comparable to theirs, since in those instances it's about the ride and the development of relationships is secondary to that. Just keeps everyone happier.

Note that I am absolutely not speaking for Nathan or his Nov 9 ride, just offering my input in general.
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