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Originally Posted by DEPARKER1817 View Post
The last week of august I rode from NC to Nova Scotia to get Eggy and Nutzy. I didn't broadcast I was coming. If I got Bruced that was fine. Nutzy was grabed 4 hours before I got there. No matter, I would grab him another time. 2 days later I I grabbed eggy and proudly put my name on it with all the others.
I want eggy back and I am not ready to give up yet.
TH were the HELL is our egg?
I recently grabbed our egg in Mass and took him for a ride to Nova Scotia, then back south to Maryland. This is the third time I have had the honor of riding with the egg and it REALLY pisses me off that TH doesn't at least contact one of us to say that the egg is ok. That being said ,if TH is at all in trouble please disregard the above sentence.
I do think that a wait-and-see policy may be the right thing to do, instead of a rush to replace such an iconic mascot.
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