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Just hatching some thoughts

Just thinkin'... there have been a few instances where Eggy was perceived as "out of play"
One of my four carries was in late summer 2010, I grabbed it from Oregon and rode it down to Moab, up to Montana, then to a warmer climate where he could continue being played through the winter. Our PRECIOUS wound up snowed in up north through months of bad weather. Not to many of us were happy about whatever decision process brought that about. If folks truly had no patience, they would have ridden through that shit to get it.
That all turned out fine in the long run and Eggy remained in play.

Another time I escorted him on the round trip through Mexico to Belize. We caught shit for putting Eggy out of reach and discussions started about breaking out a new mascot.
Eggy stayed our mascot and all turned out fine in the long run.

The details may be different here, but I see Our Precious as still in play. We are still trying to FIND him only now itís a group effort. I am confident we will see him again.

Granted, itís understandable that folks who havenít spent a significant amount of time with Eggy just want to see the game progress. On the other hand, are those folks really in a position to make a run with the TAG at this time or is it the thrill of seeing it moved by others.

The egg is in hard could it be to find? :)
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