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Originally Posted by dieselcruiserhead View Post
Supposedly guy who traded it in was an older guy and just wanted something moree street oriented. Traded in the two 950s and an 1150. Go figure. There are little dings on the plate, looks like it had some dirt road duty but that's about it.

Troy from BMW seems like a pretty good guy / straight shooter...

Went down and test rode it last night. In love / it would be perfect. There is only one hickup. My wife is pretty adamantly opposed right now. Normally I don't let things like this have much of an impact (just buy what I want) but she is pretty strongly opinionated on it and pretty adament that I don't get it. with luck I can talk her into it and that it hangs around at the dealer for another day or two. It would literally be perfect. Only thing visibly wrong with it is has a bad headset bearing, which is a pretty easy fix that I've done before. In their eyes it is what it is, a nice lightly beat up 950, which again, is perfect. Other than that rides pretty well, doesn't appear to be burning oil etc. Nicely farkled too, which is a plus...
Maybe she wants to save the money for the baby???
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