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22. Getting Dirty In Hidalgo (Part 2)

After a night of free drinks and dance we awoke and rubbed the sleep out of our eyes. I’m glad it was dark last night, as my choice of clothing was pretty terrible. Jose said to pack light for the weekend, I took it literally and brought no normal clothes to wear while not riding. So I improvised and wore my motorcycle liners to the wedding and sweet 16 party last night. I used a GPS cable as a belt to keep my silky smooth pants up. Jose and Dano decided it was easier to just tell people I was from Germany so that other people wouldn’t question my clothing style.

We then went searching for some food. The climate and elevation here does cool stuff with the sky.

We walked to the town square where we were told there would be good street food for breakfast.

We found this lovely lady, and of course, she knew exactly what the fuck was up with good tamales.

She had several different kinds, I tried one of them all.

She also had a magical green beverage. Can’t remember the name, it tastes like some sort of hot and thick juice drank, but apparently it is not juice at all but rather it is made with maize? Either way, it’s my new favorite hot beverage and I felt like a newborn champion after imbibing it.

Topped it off with one of these fancy things. Again, some sort of tamale.

Full and content we said thanks and walked around the town center. Didn’t take long as this is it.

There is a nice little garden though.

And here’s the big man himself, Nicholas Flores, the hombre the town is named after.

This is some sort of church I believe.

And here’s a statue of an important guy doing something important.

After walking and chatting for a bit we came back to the bikes and our rooms.

I apologize to the cleaning person, all my stuff was pretty darn muddy.

We packed up the bikes, and topped up on gas bought from the the place we stayed at.

We headed out of town and back onto the dirt.

The roads looked like they would be good.

And of course, they were.

The good roads looked like they would continue for longer still.

And again, they did.

Dropping down into the valleys we found small creeks.

And seemingly randomly placed churches.

There were bridges as well.

And kids going about their business down below in the river.

We also found a river without a bridge.

It needed to be crossed so we checked it for any big rocks that would dump us into the wet.

Here’s a little video of us crossing (0:41 sec).

After the bikes were across we stopped for a wee snack.

“Hey look, it’s a cow-asaki” - Jose

The roads got bigger now and more open.

Still nice and scenic though.

We would come in and out of towns, some bigger than others. But none larger than a handful of buildings and maybe a small town square like this one.

We stopped here for a minute as Jose had spotted something unique.

In the town square there was a wall that was full of phrases and cool saigns. The wall says “Typical phrases and words that identify us”. Little places like this are exactly why traveling by motorcycle is so special. When you aren’t reliant on public transportation or tourist buses, you are able to slow down, make an effort to experience stuff outside the box and maybe even get out into some remote places. When you can do that, you will often find a unique experience and a cool view into the unadulterated culture of an area. Pretty cool.

A little while later and we found pavement again.

We were hungry and this guy seemed inviting, so we stopped at his restaurant.

They whipped us up some food pretty quick.

And we also tried some of their home brew apple wine. It was more rocket fuel than wine.

After eating we hopped back on the tarmac of what used to be the main highway through Mexico to Texas. Now that there are much better options this one happens to be pretty empty. It also happens to be absolutely fucking radical. The number of perfectly cambered turns flowing into opposing and equally perfectly cambered turns is uncountable. In my opinion this is the best scenic curvy road that I have ever been on. The great part is that it’s not just a couple miles long, it’s at least a solid 1hr+ of exactly this.

In addition to the turns, the road sliced right along the side of some pretty drastic scenery.

After the turns subsided we began exiting the mountain range and coming back down towards the flatter plains.

On our final exit off the mountain we crossed a bridge and stopped for a view.

From here on we would be heading back towards the immense urban sprawl that is DF (mexico city) and away from the rural simplicity of where we had been throughout this lovely weekend. There are pros and cons to both, but I have very much enjoyed my little backroads trip through the state of Hidalgo. I’ve had a pretty damn good weekend in the dirt, thanks Jose and Dano for a great time. On the way back into DF I picked up a flat on the freeway. There wasn’t much of a shoulder and not much light to patch a tire with, but I didn’t really care. It’s hard to have a little ol’ flat sour such a fantastic weekend.

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