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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Can't read German in the link you provided.. what's the story with this picture? The cop is writing a ticket to the blue rider? I thought there was no such thing as speeding on the Autobahn?

That must be one helluva job being a cop on a sport bike...
On "Open" sections of the autobahn you are free to travel at ANY speed you wish. Anything over "X" amount you insurance specifies that you are no longer covered and it is at your own risk. Now that is the fun bit. If you are caught speeding in the "limited" areas you are subject to very high fines and points which make your insurance incrediably high.
I have travelled through Germany on a number of occasions in a 200PSI Golf at crazy speeds, but as my wife (who is German) reminds me from the cockpit, watch for the speed limit signs, or you are in for a catching from anything Porsche, BMW or one of their favourites, a Lotus. The bikes are for idoits that think that you can get away on a Fireblade / 999 /R1.

Simple as that.
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