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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
.... DJ at it's industry best, giving people only tidbits, as they deems it necessary. I think too, that the PC-5 would have great potential, if they did not just send it to market with most of it's features inop in the BMW app. Perhaps when something else becomes available for less money working better, they will wake up...... then again.....perhaps not.
+1 Erling.

DJ's decision not to focus on BMSK has nothing to do with it being "too sophisticated" etc.. the Harley Delphi ECM isn't exactly stone age technology either. They focus on it, because H-D is where the money is at, at the moment. The Delphi ECM uses closed loop and open loop areas, knock detection, fuel trims, just like the BMSK. If there were a significant enough demand, they would offer it.

As a side note, Jamie Long at Fuel Moto, is an excellent resource for tuning advice, and offers some of the best pricing and post purchase support of DJ products that I've found.

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