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Originally Posted by AK650 View Post
+1 Erling.

DJ's decision not to focus on BMSK has nothing to do with it being "too sophisticated" etc.. the Harley Delphi ECM isn't exactly stone age technology either. They focus on it, because H-D is where the money is at, at the moment. The Delphi ECM uses closed loop and open loop areas, knock detection, fuel trims, just like the BMSK. If there were a significant enough demand, they would offer it.

As a side note, Jamie Long at Fuel Moto, is an excellent resource for tuning advice, and offers some of the best pricing and post purchase support of DJ products that I've found.

Thanks Jeff. I fully agree with your assessment.
The next month will be interesting, as in the next week I will dyno the bike, this time here locally at MSD hq, as a baseline. I will then remove the PC-5/AT combo, and try another Application. If the dyno likes the numbers, after break in, then the pc-5/at will end up in the flea market. The interesting part is where to put the eggs...... Right now the bike simply rips. It runs fantastic, awesome power through out the entire range, but at the expense of efficiency. My gut feeling after months of trials, I personally thinks that it is over fueled, to a point that it cannot be corrected in either the base map, or afr table. I think the key lies in the time factor it takes the AT to correct the BMSK, and the BMSK being confused, and alone in a dark place...... ha ha.... could't resist..... and they are chasing each other. With only 3 hp gain after pc-5/AT, that simply is not good enough for me as mileage stabilized 7 mpg lower than the indicated mpg..... simply not acceptable. I realize that for some that is not important, and that is great, but not for me.
That said we shall see how it goes. Look for a new write up, with a different title.

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