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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
Thanks Jeff.....
I was hesitant first as well, but the poor performance with the motor trailside made me jump. That along with a good tuner/friend. Unfortunately he had little experience with the BMSK, and we were both clueless regarding the DJ 8GS APP shortcomings. During my testing since this was installed, I did learn a lot though.

One..... I would never put headers+ open pipe without some form of enrichment, simply too lean.

Two..... I would not invest in the DJ/AT combo with stock exhaust system. I would be worried with perhaps plugging of the CAT chasing power.

Normally I would think the Magnusson-Moss act would stand, but I think that the DJ install would be an easy way for the manufacture to wash their hands, as you are tinkering with the motor heavily. I think there now are enough evidence, not just in this thread, that there are clear cut benefits to a small enrichment to the 8GS, and safe to do so.

Couldn't agree more. I'll have to wait and see if the low speed shortcomings make me crack before the warrantee period expires, or theres a way to enrichen discretely. :)

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