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Originally Posted by TowPro View Post
My Montana preformed flawlessly again today.
Mine did not.

City Nav speed limit data was not displayed, and only the long green bar at the top of the nuvi dashboard was presented with the name of my next turn, but no lane assist or distance display in the top left corner. I could select the green bar and it would properly display the turn by turn route instructions. Also, no spoken directions. Yes, my maps are up to date, the firmware is up to date, and I have the proper TTS voices installed and enabled. CNNA was the only routable map enabled, along with the base map.

A few days ago, my Montana 650 was unable to locate a known address (switched from CNNA to OSM and found the address without issue.)

And just a couple days ago while hiking some trails, I had my Montana on my pack, recording a track log, and nothing else. When the hike was finished, I wanted to check the Montana to see how long the hike was (etc), and of course found that the unit had CRASHED at some point during the hike. So, no track log.

Of course, I never carry only one GPSr, and I had two Oregon 6xx with me as well. Perhaps this is Garmin strategy? Make shit products that are unreliable so the user has to buy/carry more than one?

Oh, and my floptana still refuses to transfer data wirelessly with any other Garmin GPSr. My Oregon 6xx units play nice with each other, but the floptana always times out with a 'lost connection' error.

Yeah, it could just be this one unit, right? Well, Garmin have replaced it three times, so this is my fourth Montana, still with identical issues.

Certainly, I am not suggesting other users are not having great success with their Montana GPSr, just making it clear that there are those of us who are not. Just because yours works great for you does not mean mine works great for me, and vice versa.

The Montana GPSr has seen more firmware revisions than any other Garmin GPSr, ever. It is by far the most frail, most sensitive, and one of the most unreliable GPSr Garmin have produced. My Oregon x50's and my Oregon 6xx's are more reliable than my Montana's, all four of them.
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