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Originally Posted by JagLite View Post
One thing that would make a huge improvement to make the Stroms more offroad capable is a set of 21" and 17" (18"?) SPOKE wheels to replace the heavy and fragile cast rims.

Affordable wire wheels that is.

Woody can make a great set of wheels but I can't afford that.

RAD makes hubs for the Stroms but again, they are out of my price range.

My plan is to use the wheels from a 91 DR650 parts bike if I can make them work, but I haven't measured to see if it is even possible.

Maybe Warp 9?...

Spoke wheels would be a great item for your Strom Kits, I believe.
Flats are considerably rare events but still occur now and then. To patch a flat on Wee wheels is a simple job, as on ordinary tubeless tires.
Fitting spoke wheels will mean to patch a flat, one has to pull the wheel off the bike; on the Wee it is a bit more complicated than on any real DS, especially lighter, bikes; then get the tube out, put a new one in, and put the wheel back in. Breaking the bead might have been more or equally difficult/easy job as on proper DS bikes, depending on the wheel used. However, in case of a flat, one still need to carry a spare tube, a set of tire irons and probably a bead breaker. A tube plus a tire irons set easily equals a 1 kg mass, which somewhat mitigates mass economy gained on spoke rims/hubs.
Another thing to consider is safety, a flat of a tube wheel doing a HWY might mean serious crush with according consequences to the rider, the same event of a tubeless tire usually means a delay in travel time only.
No doubt, there are tubeless spoke wheels, but the price of them bites.
Anyway, changing the front fork, triple tree, brake, and wheel to DR650 or equal set is easy and considerably cheap and gains something in off road ability, therefore makes some sense. Plus, flats on front occur 10 times less than on the rear.
Changing the rear gains nothing, but look of a “proper DS” bike, therefore to me it is waste of money/effort and a serious degrade performance/maintenance wise.
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