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Originally Posted by amk View Post
Changing the rear gains nothing, but look of a “proper DS” bike, therefore to me it is waste of money/effort and a serious degrade performance/maintenance wise.
Actually, depending on the size and width of the rear rim you go to, you could greatly improve your choice of off road oriented tires. In the stock 150/70-17 sizes, choices are limited for sure. The TKC80 is obviously a popular choice, but it wears quickly and is an expensive tire. Heidenau has the K60 which isn't quite as aggressive as the TKC, but lasts way longer. Mita has a few, but again shipping is expensive from Canada and choices are still somewhat limited. Going down to a 130-17 in the rear greatly improves the selection or better yet, going to an 18" means even more choices.

So I don't think its quite as cut and dry as you gain nothing from going to a different size rear rim as tire choices are a big part of this!
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