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Friend of mine gave me his 02 919 last summer. He is in the military and transferring overseas and couldn't take it with him, besides, it was in such a state of dis-repair it wasn't worth trying to fix (to him). It had sat outside unattended for approx. 3 years about 3 short blocks from the beautiful gulf of mexico and all it's salty glory. Frankly, it looked like it had been brought up from the titanic. I had know idea if the thing would even run again. Luckily the motor turned over with a fresh battery and after putting 36 psi of air in each tire you could actually push the bike to the trailer. I had to try and bring this bike back to life. The tank had to be thoroughly cleaned and the fuel pump replaced. Fuel injectors were taken off and sent out for cleaning or replacing if necessary. Brake pads, lines, and fluids replaced fore and aft. Radiator flushed, new thermostat, hoses and clamps. New spark plugs. New x-ring chain. Obviously new synthetic oil and filter for good measure. New tires. Plenty of TLC and time. It was worth the effort. This is one fine running bike. It has a narrow rev range where there is minor vibration through the bars. I wear some pretty nice gloves so most of that is eliminated. The seat is a little wooden but not bad enough to be replaced. A new corbin would look a little odd on this ol' girl. She does have some cosmetic issues. A couple of minor dents in the tank. Some minor rust remains in some nooks and crannys that I haven't been able to eliminate. Park this baby in the shade and that flat black bike looks pretty darn good. She has turned in to a very capable bike which I trust to take me out and bring me home. I'm glad I decided to save her from the dumpster.
That wasn't luck, it's a Honda You got any pictures of that thing? Before than after?

I didn't like the Ninja because it felt like I was kneeling on the seat, you feel like your's totally on top of it. It's exactly what it's supposed to be, a comfortable literbike. That could very well appeal to many riders but not those that truly love the 919. It's harder to ride, buzzier, runs 5500K at 75mph, the flywheel is superlight and makes shifting a pain the ass. It's a great bike but I jumped back on my 919 and realized it's all the bike I'll ever need, and I plan on doing some pretty big trips on it. The 919 needs many mods to make that happen but the essentials are there in spades. it makes you feel like a hero when properly modded out, suspension and all.

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