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Originally Posted by cjracer View Post
I agree on the spoked wheel setup. More aggressive dirt tires are available in the 130-140 sizes, Stonger setup for off road use. If you destroy the cast rim, NO plug kit will seal a cracked rim, you may have to put a tube in the rim anyways just to get moving. We can change tubes out when needed on our 950 ADV rims on the trail and this will be no differant. Pinch flats really only happen when running stupid low pressures in rugged terrain, in any case I would prefer a pinch flatted tube, than a cracked wheel. This is a Dual Sport bike, not a Dakar bike and not a MX bike. I tend to travel at more reasonable pace when out exploring or traveling with luggage and camping gear. Having a bullet proof wheel setup helps and that's why I prefer spokes.

We used what we had at the time to get this on the trail. A 17" spoked and 18" spoked "CUSH DRIVE option will be ready for testing as soon as I get my lathe moved to the shop to work on a some spacers. Rear Brake rotor, cush drive and hub/ rim setup is done for a 17" wheel test. We are working with Warp 9 to make this a production rear wheel option in the future.

And, if you want to run street rubber you can put the CAST 17" rear rim back on and put on a matching front too.

Now if the snow/ice goes away this weekend, we might be able to get more REKLUSE EXP testing in and maybe even the new REAR wheel setup.
Exactly my thinking.
Cast wheels are fine on the street.
That is great news about the (future) spoke wheel option with Warp 9.
I am very happy with my Warp 9 front wheel (DR650 street tracker).

A Rekluse EXP will be a fantastic option for a Wee Adventure bike!
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