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GPS File Is Done--Here is the link to it.

GPS file notes.
If you have no idea what to do with this gps file or don't know if your gps will even load tracks---please take all those questions elsewhere in the gps forums ---otherwise we'll have 300 pages of gps questions on this thread. Try to get all that out of the way before arriving at the ride.

1. Be sure and note---there are 2 tracks for Saturdays route--please note they cross each other---but are different colors---so pay attention or you'll get all screwed up and find yourself riding the route backwards.

2. Tracks are less than 500 points each so should be no problem loading into a proper gps that has the capability to load tracks---if yours won't---your on your own on what to do. IF you want to make a "route" out of the track (I am for myself) you are on your own to do so. Please don't post routes you made----other people will have other mapsets and probably won't be able to use them. Tracks are universal and always work.

3. Lots of nice waypoints for gas, food, and neat stuff--pay attention to them. Some of them are cautions that you need to know. Most are neat stuff to look at.

4. Please note "Slow For Horses" in the high knob area.

5. There is one hard section on Saturday---and one on Sunday. I am not about to tell you if you can ride them or not--this has already been talked about in this thread. But there is a short track to get around it---and a waypoint to tell you which way is hard and which way is easy.

6. When riding thru the campground right on the Mississippi river-----riding out on that sand will find you in jail.

7. These tracks have been ridden recently---but things can change overnight----a road could be blocked---or gated--or become private--or a horrible dangerous situation could have developed----you are responsible to heed these signs. Example----a gate can be put up on a levee overnite---they put them up whenever they feel like it----find your way around. Do not go past a no-trespassing sign or a gate.
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