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Originally Posted by boatpuller View Post
Gary, and also Aidan: Thank you for your very kind comments about America and Americans. They actually brought a tear to my eye. It is a treat to share our country with visitors such as yourselves.

BTW, I've motorcycled in 46 of our 50 states, and traveled in the other 4 by car or air plane. I've never carried a gun on those trips, nor been in a situation where I've wished for one. Nothing against those who do, just never felt a pull to do so myself, and everywhere I've been has been safe. As you found out, America is not a dangerous country. Glad you were willing to give us a try.
Although I am 100% on the side of pro-gun advocates, I have never had a single instance in my 60 years living and traveling in the US where I felt so threatened that I would have actually shot someone. I view the gun debate as a "freedom" debate. Cracking down on the entire US population simply because some adults cannot handle the freedoms they are allowed is insanity. Some people drive like maniacs, so should cars be banned? Banning cars is never discussed because virtually everyone has access to one, has driven one, and would regard such a mandate as insanity. It only "makes sense" when the group on the ban list is relatively small and not "mainstream". Outsiders get entirely the wrong impression concerning US violence based on our TV shows and our very public discussions about guns. The reality is that nearly all violence in the cities is caused by, and happens to, groups of people who do the same thing day-after-day. The only people who are affected by new gun laws are the ones who are not the problem!
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