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Originally Posted by cjracer View Post
Please explain more if you can???

I have found the power to be very linear and friendly off road. Much more mellow than my 950's yes, but that helps with traction and tire life.

You can only get so much HP to the ground in the dirt anyways.

What were you running for gearing? I feel the Stock gearing is much too tall for off road trail use, but that is easy to fix and a common issue on most DS type bikes out of the box.
Agreed the power band of the STROM is basically linear with peak toward the mid upper range around 6-8K?. Most off-road bikes have a little more grunt toward the low end but it is not a deal killer. I don't recall what gearing I am running. I think it's just stock? Changing the gearing obviously wouldn't change the power band but I would definitely do it if I were to gear the bike toward offroad riding.

I had the VSTROM off road for about 40 miles this weekend. The factory front suspension is such a joke for DS riding. I've already stiffened it up and I was bottoming out every 2 minutes.

I live in Northern Mexico. A lot of junk bikes end up here from the US. I bet I could find a few DR and DRZ front ends in a single afternoon.
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