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Homesteads weekender

Did a quick stint up to homesteads and surround the weekend. Got going around 17h30 Friday arvo: was to catch up with Dominik at Derilinya homestead. With some clouds threatening and a few spots of rain, she was all go. The LED spotties on the AT decided to crap themselves this week, so only had the really crap headlights. Hmmm... won;t be doing a 100 on the unsealed stuff then. Still managed to knock a bird. Took off my one remaining mirror, smeared my face, clothes and helmet with entrails and blood and didn't even say sorry

Made the homestead to discover we were not alone. Rog and Tim was leading a 20 year reunion for all the volunteers whom have put in time restoring the old homestead over the years. Rob is not a bad cook either and wouldn't take no for an answer and stuffed some mutton rig stew in my hands. We were lucky enough to 'get a room', and good thin to, cause it rained half the night.

Next morning we headed north-west to Mount Coobaninya for a quick look. Vie was great over the great western woodlands and we could see Mount Raggid on the distant horizon.

A quick 'steak brekky', back to Parmango road and further North. Yes, this is classed as a road, not a track. And yes, it's in good condition at the moment.

One of the two 'happy gates' on the road. Somebody even left some beer. Or maybe something resembling beer... Anybody brave enough to try?

The end in sight- survived another Parmango...

West along the telegraph track to the salt lakes. Dominik has never seen wild camels and they're always there. Hmmm... well always have been... But ride is good and scenery great

All be it Dominik didn't appreciate some of the sandy patches too much

Then up to Fraser ranges and time to refuel the 800GS- 400km since refuel already?

East again to Balladonia roadhouse. Can't ever get used to the ripoff: $2.10/litre for fuel. They're the most expensive on the WA side and the closest to civilisation. But the ice-cream was good, although not very wide range to choose from (3 I think). Not so good for other people- two separate backpacker cars (Pajero & Jeep) were busted with young 'uns standing around under open bonnets looking lost. If it had two wheels, we might've been able to help

Further east, then south from the Baxter tower onto the Nullarbor. Good grass-growth made the track a bit difficult to follow, but view was great. We pitched camp somewhere- all places seem to loo alike and were in time for a stunning sunset (as usual)

Next morning, I joined Dominik as far as the camel tanks. With some quick final pointers for his 'solo' over the Nullarbor exploring, I watched him head off on the wrong track in the wrong direction (after a promise to see each other at the Flinder's classic in April). He's definately going to have a scenic route

I headed west over the plains and back over Balladonia station. At the rockhole, there was over 50 camels. Hmmm... Not Dominik's day I guess

10km before Condy, and I had to switch over to reserve. Good thing I didn't go 'exploring' myself Made it home by 13h20.

A quick squiz and about 940km for the weekend. Good company. Great country. And a warm welcome home from lovey...

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