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Laughter has many flavors. Recognition - that could be me. Empathy - similar happened to me. Survival - it didn't kill you, or me. Defiance - it won't happen, or stop me. Stress - this is so serious I have to laugh. I think there's a lot of nervous laughing, very little mocking laughter about something like this. When someone belittles or mocks, it tells about them, not what they laugh about.

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I don't think people are laughing at the crash, I think they're laughing at the stuff I say after I get up; which even I think is amusing even if I don't recall saying it. They may even have already read more of the thread and know that I am fine, and that frees them to have less serious thoughts on subsequent viewings.

Anyway, I have felt that the posts on ADVrider (at least in this thread) have been very respectful. I have even been pleasantly surprised by the support and civility of the comments on YouTube.
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