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My street helmet is replaced every 5 years or less, normally around the 4 year mark.
My dirt helmet timing was stretched out a little longer.

Then I watched the effects of someone who had a slow speed mild but head hitting crash off road.
Knocked em silly.

This was a well known name brand off road helmet.

We cut the helmet in half. Mostly just to see what happens to a helmet that from the outside looked totally fine
While the wearer got a TBI.

Right on the top of the lid there was an area about 3.5 inches across where the EPS was profoundly compressed.
And had pulled away from the inner part of the outside.
The EPS was a touch crumbly, and the comfort foam was decidly less springy.

The helmet was 10 years old.
It was a wake up call and I went out and updated my off road and bicycle helmets.
Sure it could be a big scam, but when it comes to my head, I want every piece of help I can find.
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