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Blue 990 "S"--How do I re-paint as stock color?

As usual, I apologise if this topic has been covered. If so, please re-direct me.
I have an '07 Adventure 990 "S" (the blue one), and as advertised, the paint basically just flakes right off. If you've never seen it on this bike, it's pretty pathetic: just a moderate finger nail scratch, and a hunk about the size of half a dime will flake right off. About a square foot total (all added up) is gone from the bike.
Since this apparently happened on many, many of these bikes, did/does KTM do anything about it?
I'd like to re-paint the bike, but in the stock colors. I will be doing all of the prep-work myself, but will leave the actual painting to my professional auto-painter nephew.
How do I figure out the original paint color? Or, do I just have to try to match it?
Was the flaking paint issue inherent in the paint, the primer, the prep-work, or the plastic itself (meaning, if I re-paint this thing, will the new paint just come right off again?).
Can anybody that has done this job recommend a specific type of paint for the plastic/metal that this bike is made of?
Any specific advice would be greatly appreciated, from someone with actual experience. I might want to change the color, but there is something asthetiically pleasing about re-painting it in the color that KTM though was correct (even if it was NOT orange--What was that all about?).
Also, any advice about making the prep-work easy would be great. I did read the "project creep" thread, and there was some good advice about removing the stickers.
Also, is there typically clear-coat over the stickers? It seems like it, but I'm no expert.
Thanks to all in advance!
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