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Originally Posted by HarryEye View Post
Since this apparently happened on many, many of these bikes, did/does KTM do anything about it?
KTM was replacing tanks outside of warranty. I've only seen this mentioned for the case of the bubbling decals (common problem, the paint failing seems less common) and also this was back in 2010 (for 06 bikes). You might want to call KTM Customer Service and see what they say, or if you have a good local dealer, ask them to contact KTM on your behalf.

How do I figure out the original paint color? Or, do I just have to try to match it?
There are tons of threads here with the paint codes, try searching. Standox makes most of the paint and any body shop will be able to get it (Dupont distributes in the USA). KTM also sells the paint but maybe only in europe. KTMTwins also sells paint, see their website.

Was the flaking paint issue inherent in the paint, the primer, the prep-work, or the plastic itself (meaning, if I re-paint this thing, will the new paint just come right off again?).
This is the $10,000 question. I believe the tanks have an inner lining designed to prevent out-gassing, as otherwise they'd be like any other dirtbike tank, impossible to paint/decal. Quite a few people have used Caswell liner epoxy but mostly to solve cracking issues.

Yes there is clear coat over the stickers. 90 gloss.
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