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Repainting or other options...

I've had my tanks and side fairing repainted several times in blue.

The tanks and plastic have various nuances that inhibit great adhesion. On impact, the tanks will flex inward, then recoil. Paint generally doesn't have enough flex thus releases at the greatest areas of flex.

The inside lower areas of the tanks are very near the front header, and the heat effects the ability of paint to adhere long term. You'll notice the paint flaking in these areas if you look closely.

Also tight edges and curves of the front fairings, especially at the dash seem to flake away. Probably due to vibration and constant flex, sunlight and temperature slightly shrinking and warping the plastic edge.

I'm experimenting with decals as a temporary cosmetic fix, I'll post when my custom order arrives and I approve the quality and application. There is also the option of a full wrap ( although they can't do the metallic or clear coat effects). My problem is I enjoy riding into the office on occasion and can't maintain my clients confidence with their large budgets and tight deadlines if I appear to be the off road hooligan that I am. But realistically, the bike IS a dirt bike first and foremost... and will continue to get "punked". I simply need to mask that as well as possible. But continuous repainting it is just not practical.

However, there's nothing like a fresh paint job, especially in the early KTM S Dakar rally blue.

If you do choose to repaint, you might want to create a strategy for the sensitive areas. When I eventually repaint, I'm going with a chip resistant semi gloss black on the underside and outline on all the tight edges of the side fairing... Something I can touch up with a brush.

And when I spend the money on new paint, I will clear wrap the bike afterwards for extra protection.
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