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Originally Posted by Iranian View Post
How can adding a stater take a way some of the fun with sr 400? Having both starter and kickstater would give us the best of two worlds. I also love kick but since I am suffering from hipp problems I am not going to use a kickstarter. To satisfy both groups they should add a starter to it.

My question is if it is possible to do it to a bike that orginally did not have a starter.
The whole idea is for a half decent "retro" bike - harking back to the 70's An electric boot will only add weight (starter motor + bigger battery) and unnecessary complication - not good

The Kwak W650 is a great retro machine - the W800 is not as good or so retro-accurate, as it now has fuel injection + no kickstarter ........ If you want an 'old skool' bike, then the whole point being... Less is More

These Sr400's are going to be for sale at 5100 in the UK ....... thats about $8,000
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