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28. A Run Through The Ringer, Valle De Bravo

After a few days of relaxing up north in the state of San Luis Potosi, I returned to Mexico City to head out for the weekend. This weekend is a long weekend with Monday being a state holiday and Edgardo has invited me to tag along with his family for a weekend out of the city at his home in Valle de Bravo. He said he could show me some good enduro riding and that he had a XR250 for me to use so no need to bring my bike. We had stopped in Valle de Bravo for a bite to eat after our ride last weekend in Toluca and I really liked the place. Some enduro riding and a long weekend out of the city, sounds rad to me.

Valle de Bravo is situated a brief 2 hrs from Mexico City to the north east, and sits right on the shore of Lake Avondaro. Its proximity to Mexico City and Toluca, itís beautiful terrain, and ample outdoor activities make it a popular weekend getaway location for many of Mexicos affluent families. There is plenty of boating, mountain biking, paragliding, and of course, endless amounts of offroad riding of everykind. You can tell how centered around outdoor activities the community is by the sheer number of outdoor recreation shops that can be found in town. These are high quality shops too, with all the kit, parts, and top of the line bikes you could want. KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, etc are all represented in full. Do you want to buy a brand new KTM 6-days, or a rally outfitted 690 without having to special order it? No problem, plenty for sale here. Or maybe you just want to rent a race ready bike and bring it back muddy and haggard for someone else to deal with, that can be arranged no sweat.

Edgardo and his wife Jessica have a beautiful home here with an amazing view of the area.

We geared up for a day of riding and I met my noble steed that Edgardo was kind enough to lend me for the weekend. Iím glad he had a few bikes laying around, as I wouldnít be able to do what we had in mind on the KiLleR.

Edgardo would be on his KTM.

Edgardo asked me what my level of riding was to get a gauge for where we should go. The riding options vary wildly here, with everything from beginner to professional quality routes. I said I knew enough to know that Iím no expert, but I always would rather be challenged than bored. He thought for a second then nodded and we headed out.

We started off with some easier stuff so I could get used to the bike and so Edgardo could gauge where I was at.

After a while tooling around Edgardo asked if I wanted something more difficult. I said yeah letís kick it up a notch. He said he knows of a place but once we start we canít really turn back and are committed. I said great, letís do it.

We rode to the base of what I could see was a very steep little mountain,Edgardo pointed to the top and said we are going there. ďThere will be lots of roots, rocks, and it is very slippery yet hard clay. Itís possible that you wonít be able to make itĒ. If thereís anything that lights a fire under me itís a challenge coupled with low odds of success. Sounds great, letíer rip!

As soon as we dropped it into gear the riding was both technically and physically demanding.

About 2 minutes in I was sucking water like a camel and enjoying the grind immensely.

We ran into 3 other riders working up the same trail, all on pretty light enduro bikes. Itís good we ran into eachother, because you needed at least 3 people to get up some sections of this route.

3 hours of huffing, teeth clenching, body crunching and eventual triumph later - we made it to the top. If you have a slight masochistic side to you this is a lot of fun. I had an absolute blast.

Hereís a video of the ride:

The next day my whole body was pretty sore, itís a good feeling. One that shows that you pushed your limits and persevered to succeed. We spent the next day out on the lake towing the girls on a large banana.

Kicking back some cold beverages on the floating tienda.

And having Edgardo and his family trying to teach me how to wakeboard. I didnít really learn how to wakeboard, but I got really good at ragdolling and spitting up water. Thanks for a fantastic couple of days Edgardo and to your warm and welcoming families hospitality. For such a physically demanding weekend, it was exactly what I needed.I now feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to hit the road again.

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