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Originally Posted by davorallyfan View Post
The original SR 500 was the first retro bike. The advertising at the time is harkened back to the old days of manxes, goldies, velos etc.

So is the new 400 a retro, retro bike?
No, because it's not 'new' - sure they added fuel injection but there is continuity there because as far as I know production and sales never stopped in Japan.

We are going to get them in Australia, apparently... I'm somewhat interested but I must admit I like my convenience and I would like to have the electric start, purity be damned. Kick start could still be there for show and as a backup. I had such setup on one of my scooters a few years back and I never used kick starter, not once. That's how I know jumping up and down on a lever is not an important part of the 'experience' for me.
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