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My first gearbox...

Okay, flame if you must. I am completing my first gearbox overhaul. Didn't send it to a guru. Hey, a guys got to do his first one sometime, right?

Things seem good. Shims in, cover on. Everything rotates with just the right feel of not-too-tight, not-too-loose. But in running through the gears, while I can get them all, I am also getting false neutrals, and here and there it takes an extra click-clunk to get into gear.

Is this just a fact of life when hand rotating and shifting? Or, what do I need to go back and adjust? Gurus! I need your help after all!

Side note: I used two methods for shim measurement, the typical machined plate and calipers route, and the mold-a-gauge from Cycle Works. I believe solder is a flawed method. Details to follow...
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