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Originally Posted by tserts View Post
I'm glad I don't have enough time to even be tempted... Plus I still have some games downloaded on that origin bundle you guys set me up and, last but not least, I'm not done with war thunder by a long shot... When I get a break from work, which seems will take a while based on the current clusterfuck I go through, I have plenty of gaming options...

But honestly those bastards are doing their job right, steam is dangerously well thought out...

Awesome pic, I'm totally stealing it!

Time is my issue as well, I have so many games at this point and every time I sit down at my puter all I want to play is War Thunder. There hasn't been a game that's sunk its claws in me this bad since ME3 came out.

I still have a shit-ton of titles to even try...the entire Arma series, Duex Ex, the entire last Humble Bundle, etc.

I gave Batman: Arkham City, Far Cry2 and Company of Heroes a try but none of them "clicked."
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