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So I do a fly and ride to Colorado Springs from Illinois to buy a KTM 950, this past Easter weekend. I have a friend farther west in Co. I wanted to see too so I left Springs and rode over Walcott Pass Thru Breckenridge, Hit the Interstate and stopped in Vail for a warm up cup of coffee. So here I am, I have owned my first KTM for what? 200 miles? Still geared up enjoying a nice cup of coffee out of the wind on the sunny side of the C-store.
Older guy pulls in, in a Pickup heads for the Store, Sees the Great Pumpkin and swerves right over.

"Wow man nice bike."


Looks Right at the "KTM" and said, "KTM, who makes that?"

Aaaaaa KTM makes it.

" Oh,..... My HD hates me".

Why does your HD hate you?

"Well moved up here from Fl. 6 months ago and ain't been on it since. Too cold." (Was a Balmy 38 in Vail right then.)


"Who makes that?"

Its made by Buell in Austria.

"oh, so its a V twin then?"


"fire it up I'd like to hear it"

Ok..... VRoom Vroom Vroom

"Wow that's got a real nice thump to it!"

Yeah It does ok.

"Well its to cold out here for me, you be careful."

Ok man you too....

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