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Originally Posted by k7tbt View Post
Picked up my new 2013 Super Tenere yesterday. Nice day for this time of the year in Northwest Washington so took it out for a spin, 100+ miles. Big compared to my KLR but see that the KLR is not going to get much use anymore.
I made the switch last year from a KLR/DL 1000 combo to a Tenere. No regrets for sure!

At first the Tenere seemed big compared to the KLR but after the first weekend of riding around I realized even though it was bigger it was much better. Every time I go off pavement with the S10 I get even more comfortable with it. There are probably a few nasty places I have taken the KLR that I may not tackle with the S10 but they are very few.

Trust be save yourself some money and put that KLR up for sale now before it depreciates from neglect
However, I am not complaining because I know that I am probably better today then I will be tomorrow, so I try and enjoy every day as it comes, and stay determined to live well and be appreciative of what I still can do..."Stromsurfer"
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