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The salesman is simply collecting details. He writes an offer based on what your situation is, you review the offer, you negotiate the details, then you either buy or you walk.

Hanging up on the salesman (Barry--above) who is just collecting details about the transaction (same as the buyer is doing) is the equivalent of slamming the door in your own face. I was simply trying to educate--cite examples of why a salesman might be asking those kinds of questions at the beginning of a negotiation. There is no up-front pricing so asking "the price" is irrelevant until you sit down and start running ALL of the numbers and formulating an offer.
That is the industry view - that a controlling, often coercive influence strategy is the most efficient approach.

The industrial sales view is that asking a question like "What do you owe" before establishing the needs of the buyer and why he may or may not trade in a vehicle on a new purchase is not of value to the buyer: it is of value to the seller.

When I meet a salesperson who doesn't even have a phone extension or email address, it's proof that the dealership is still practicing these outmoded methods. We buy one or two vehicles a year at work and now I just find a dealer who will make the deal by email only, or we buy private sale. It's not worth the time to deal with them.
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