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It wouldn't be my first choice for any distance on the hiway, although you could.
With the steep steering you want to keep a light touch on the bars on the highway, but I had no issues. It doesn't have a load of power or acceleration in sixth gear- it is quite smooth though. I doubt I'll ever go more than a few miles on the highway, but have done a bit more on gravel roads.

There are not very many dealers yet- but I think if more people rode this bike there would be a lot more.
There is one in Locke, NY. (I don't know what part of the state that is. Maybe not too far from you)
I don't think they much would really need to be done by the dealer- just electronics if ever needed possibly (the software and cables are sort of expensive). The rest of the bike is pretty straightforward from what I've seen.
If there was ever a transmission problem, it can be take out with the engine in the frame quite easily. If you can change a clutch I think you could do that.
The two year warranty is great!

Here the bike is best is tight trails. I find it great fun on wider trails also, not so wonderful on the whoops (but I don't like those anyway). The harder the trail the better the bike likes it.
I wouldn't call it a dual sport at all- a street legal dirt bike (in states that allow plating, it is NOT classified a street legal bike, even though it comes with everything but side reflectors to be street legal here in Washington state with an inspection)
I would actually like it better on the hiway than my KTM 300- it has LOTS more power, but the OSSA is so smooth and cruises along quite nicely. But I'll bet guys I the big adventure bikes bring more luggage than this thing weighs!

Anyone up around this area I'll be happy to show it - if interested.

As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about the bike.

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