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Originally Posted by SculptD View Post
Okay, flame if you must. I am completing my first gearbox overhaul. Didn't send it to a guru. Hey, a guys got to do his first one sometime, right?

Things seem good. Shims in, cover on. Everything rotates with just the right feel of not-too-tight, not-too-loose. But in running through the gears, while I can get them all, I am also getting false neutrals, and here and there it takes an extra click-clunk to get into gear.

Is this just a fact of life when hand rotating and shifting? Or, what do I need to go back and adjust? Gurus! I need your help after all!

Side note: I used two methods for shim measurement, the typical machined plate and calipers route, and the mold-a-gauge from Cycle Works. I believe solder is a flawed method. Details to follow...
Congrats on getting through it. No flames from me, I'm going to do my first one (a 76 R90/6 five speed) this winter. And I've got some of that mold a gauge stuff, too. On my trannie, the dogs for first gear are shot (and the clutch is slipping a bit at higher rpms, another story.) I have a complete output shaft assembly which I may just install instead of pulling off the offending gears/dogs.

I've been looking for another sick transmission to practice on, but haven't found one in my price range (about $100 plus shipping.) I suspect knowledge is good, knowledge and practice is even better.

I'll be interested in how your trannie works once you get it in. That's going to be the test and the proof of the pudding moment.
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