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Originally Posted by trailer Rails View Post
Be prepared to drop a little coin on good flat pedals, they can be comparable to clipless. Cheap Vp flats cost as much as cheap Vp clipless and it goes up from there.
One advantage I've come to appreciate after switching from clipless to flats on my mountain bike is that on extremely steep and tricky climbs, flats make it much easier to get going again if you stall out and have to resume pedaling from a dead stop. When you're in the lowest gear, there often isn't enough time to clip the remaining foot back in after the other foot completes half a pedal stroke.

On anything less challenging than expert level trails, I still prefer clipless pedals because of the advantages they confer. It just so happens that all my training at the moment involves mastering the most difficult and dangerous trails, and for that I don't want to be clipped in.
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