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Originally Posted by Barry View Post
Sorry, I call bullshit. The price of their car, is the price of their car, regardless of if I owe $1, $1000, or $10,000 on my car. Not buying that for a second. My guess is their price is a moving target, which is also bullshit.
The price they PAID for the car is the price they PAID for the car (and they NEVER really tell you that). If they have to make $1000 on the sale and you owe $1000 to the bank on your trade, they may be able to help you by selling it to you for $2000 over what they paid, rolling it all in the financing and getting you out the door with the car you want.

I'm an engineer, not a car salesman so I have no dog in this fight. The only person your negotiation strategy really hurts is you.
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