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Enjoying the ride
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Hell ya I rolled . The bike performed well to say the least. Sand washes werent bad if I kept on the throttle . The whoops were waaaaaaaay better on the 950 than the drz.

So when I started the trip, I had this beautiful, pristine, garage/highway queen of a 950. It had really, truly never seen gravel, much less boulders . So I slapped some Knobbs on it, and a big ass black dog skid plate ( best money I've spent in a while). So here's a few pics. I haven't gone through the video yet but since I'm now unemployed I should have time to do a little video or two over the winter months.

In the beginning she was pristine

We rode a few sand washes-- Braaaaap

Did a little bouldering

Found a couple miles of sweeet single track

Bla, Bla steeper than it looks, got crossed up, high sided and threw the queen (with no tank protecting crash bars) down on to what was about a 10 inch tall, jagged egg shaped rock that hit square on the lower right tank
I'm not sure why Casey is in my only pic of the sleeping giant?

So I drug it around and hefted it back to its feet and suprisingly, no damage, just a couple of beauty marks

This one is where it landed on my boot as I guess I don't have the range that I used to in the squatting long jump

All in all it was a blast. I do think I will look for a cheap ass little 2 smoke for the winter rides though. And for the record, I made it further up the sand hill at the fossil ohv area on the 950 than I did on the DRZ. I'll find the video in the next week or so.
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