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The problem is I didn't want, or need, their financing, and whether we were going to have further discussions about THEIR car hinged on if they told me the asking price of their car. Period. I stand by my position that there is zero value in not answering my question at all, and forging ahead to their question, which is what do I owe on my car. Not only is it counter to my goal, which is to obtain information to decide if their car is in my price range to begin with, but it is rude.

My strategy has not hurt me yet. My record for used vehicle purchase after a test drive is about 3 minutes. I bought a Tahoe for several thousand under asking price, and paid a fair book price for it. Also purchased a used RV in a similar fashion, paid a fair price for both seller (dealer) and buyer, saved multiple thousands below their asking price, and the negotiation was about 5 minutes. The sales guy even said "man, when you said you were ready to buy if the numbers worked you weren't kidding". I wasn't, and I don't. I do not waste the time of sales people. I prefer they not waste my time, and I do not stand for high pressure or predatory practices.

Failing to answer my fair question was both...

Tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap... Avoid it now, do a trackday.

Do not do business with Myrtle West Cycle... Not a reputable vendor by a long shot.
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