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Originally Posted by ArthDuro View Post
I just wanted to address one issue here

there is a lot of chatter about this deal but none of us really know the terms of the contract JV had with Gas Gas. There are usually "get out of dodge" terms in the contracts for both the manufacturer and the rider. I do not want to speculate what was the deal but there was certainly more to it then we can see.

As far as the issue ...............

Gas Gas may not be happy but something tells me that JV had a pretty good "get-out-of-doge" clause in his contract with them otherwise that pressie may have sounded something like this " we were done wrong, JV is in breach of contract and we are taking him and Matighoffen to the hammer.."

my two cents FWIW
This is Rally folks and the whole focus for the year and is on one event - the big D

All other events are a bonus and a prelude to the big one, I would find it highly unlikely for such a clause to be available to either party before the event - that is unless injury related
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