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Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
On anything less challenging than expert level trails, I still prefer clipless pedals because of the advantages they confer. It just so happens that all my training at the moment involves mastering the most difficult and dangerous trails, and for that I don't want to be clipped in.
Opinions may vary... For the most technical trails I much prefer being attached to my bike. Makes moving the back wheel around easier among other things.

Once you get good with the clipless you can get in (and out of) em pretty darn quickly. Its just not something you end up thinking about 'cause the legs/feet just kind of do it automatically.

Speaking of attached to the bike: just got in from a '5 Gravel Roads' ride. AKA I went backwards on the last stretch first and then re-rode the same stretch the 'right' way at the end of the ride. Roads were smooth enough that I could've ridden the road bike down em.

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