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The factories are as loyal to the riders as the riders are to them. Contract is all that is there really. A manufacturer will break a contract with the rider as long as all the legalities are in place and sometimes even if they are not. Yes sure there are long term relationships that are fostered but all that goes up in flames if the economy gets shaky, marketing dollars are cut or the rally loving CEO leaves the helm. Why are we up in arms if a rider does so as well? The timing certainly is sensitive here but so is the opportunity. If there was something malicious ... well the courts would be involved for sure.

Gas Gas may not be happy but something tells me that JV had a pretty good "get-out-of-doge" clause in his contract with them otherwise that pressie may have sounded something like this " we were done wrong, JV is in breach of contract and we are taking him and Matighoffen to the hammer.."

my two cents FWIW
Mid season swap, no problem (maybe), late season swap, meh. Just over thirty days from the start when your sponsor has already laid out a lot of cash and shipped your support equipment with the rest of the goods out of Le Havre….that's another story. I will surely admit that there are a lot of particulars that we are all not privy to, until then in the spirit of the ADV salute, we speculate. I haven't seen anyone here (including me) calling for a horse and a rope to draw and quarter JV. I certainly don't wish him any ill will. JV is not the first rider in the modern era to show less than "high class." Cyril's mud-gate and Coma's fresh tire in the marathon come to mind. Maybe GG is in financial trouble, but having already shipped the kit for this years Dakar, I would imagine that their budget is okay for the even, just maybe not the rest of 2014.
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