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As it happens, we've purchased a '12, '13 &'14 at my local HD dealership. When I got the '14, I expected to get butt raped on the price, since the bike was high demand & shiny new. I bought all three from the same sales guy and in fact decided to buy the '14 Ultra Limited from him too, even though his dealership price was a bit higher than the alternative.

He was appreciative.

Because Harley had some 1.9% financing, I decided to use their money for about $8K rather than my own.

So, I'm signing paperwork in the finance dept and I notice the interest rate is 9.9% rather than the 1.9% we discussed. Ummm. Why? Dude answers that he's seen rates come back as high as 21% and anyway, look at the monthly payment, it's cheap. He wasn't going to do anything until I got up.

OK, I'm a nice guy, the sales manager has already made my experience less than perfect on this transaction & I figure they should be treating me nicely and all, given all the bikes I've bought from them and the fact I'm paying a couple hundred more than I need to for this bike already.

He makes a big play of phoning Harley to see if he can get me the lower rate, which of course he can in an instant, because my credit is perfect and I have no debt other than a small mortgage.

I'm sure I'll buy another Harley at some point, but not from there. The sales guy apologized, but it's not his fault. I should have walked out.

Bike is nice, so I'm ok. The service dept is great. Just never expected the finance manager to be so sleazy.

I sold BMW cars for a while. While we would try to get a good price for our cars and would steer customers to BMW financing, we would never be dishonest and sleazy with a customer.

I see the finance manager is a service writer now, so maybe they figured it out.

Jeez, this is the closest I've ever gotten to a rant.
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