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Originally Posted by 68deluxe View Post
I tell the salesweasel I only want two things from him, the price of the new car and what they give me for my trade-in. When they ask about financing, monthly payments and my payoff I just tell them two get me the "two" things I asked for. I have my trade-in value and price I am willing to pay for the new car already worked out. After they make the first offer I give them my numbers and walk out if they do not get reasonably close to them.
This is what used to do as well. And like Barry, if they weren't willing to do those for me without going in to needing to fill out a bunch of paperwork and asking about payoff, current monthly payments, desired monthly payments, and all that crap, I'd get up and walk out. They want you to spend as much time as possible there before answering your questions so you feel invested in the deal already. If they couldn't have those two numbers to me within ten minutes, it was on to the next one.
Now, I don't even bother going in to the dealerships until I have gotten those numbers from the internet sales guy. This last purchase, the salesman I ended up buying from told me that my potential trade being a high mileage, not their brand vehicle, I would be better off selling it myself, or even to carmax than trading it in there. The other dealers all gave me a decent trade in value online, pending an in person inspection of course, then dropped it significantly once there. I sold it in a week on craigslist, emailed the dealer, finalized the deal, and finally talked to him on the phone a half hour before I went to pick it up. He had the car ready to go, the visit to the finance guy was quick and painless as the salesman had told him in advance what kind of buyer I was . I was out the door in less than 40 minutes, and most of that time was the sales guy showing us how features on the car worked, and syncing the wifes phone to it. It was the first time I ever left a dealer in a good mood.

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