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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Virtually any bike can be picked up with with the right techniques, but I don't think there is any doubt the S10 will be considerably more difficult to right than a KLR. If you're near your physical limits with the KLR, you may be over the limit with the S10. And I'm not a big believer that the S10 has any significant low-CG advantage over other comparable bikes - it's a tall DOHC parallel-twin with a high-mounted radiator and battery.

If you feel you need to address this concern, my suggestion is that you look at the 650-800cc adventure twins.... Wee, F800GS, Versys, etc. Or the small Tiger. Or, if your off-road needs are modest, even the CB500X which is about the same weight as your KLR, but is a lot nicer bike for highway cruising.

- Mark
My switch from KLR to S10 surprised me at how mucho easier it is to pick up the S10 than the KLR. Thought it would be harder.... but not so!
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