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Thank you! Somewhere in the thousands of posts I have read, somebody made a similar comment in comparing the S10 to his Wee, so I was looking for some additional real life comparisons and confirmation. It didn't feel that bad to me when I took it off center but the dealer I visited wasn't excited about laying it down so I could pick it up. I'll try another dealer, but this gives me more confidence. My first reaction when I watched Git Ray's video was not a new found level of confidence, but rather a desire to avoid ever getting this guy mad at me!
All I can say is use some common sense about this. If you really want to believe that is is easier to pick up a 575-lb bike vs. 430-lb bike, be my guest. As for first hand experiences, I've picked up my S10 a few times and owned a Wee for five years and did the same with it. As you'd expect, the 100-lb lighter Wee was easier.... by about what you'd expect with a 100-lb lighter bike. And I'd expect the KLR would feel... about 50-lbs lighter still.

Don't get me wrong.... the S10 carries its weight well and returns a lot of capability and comfort for the extra weight compared to a KLR. But it's a PITA hoisting it off the deck, and if you ride it off-road in some terrain, you can get the bike into situations (due to slippery conditions, off-camber, etc.) that righting it alone is essentially impossible.

I'm sure someone will now show a video of a 95-lb sopping-wet woman righting a Goldwing with one arm tied behind her back.

- Mark

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