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I'm using VP "thin gripsters" on both of my Rivendells, and am very happy. Even on long rides, 50-70 miles in a day, they're comfortable and I like being able to move my feet around - gives my leg muscles a break. For shoes, I found some excellent shot-putt shoes with dead-flat soles, no waffle tread just a slab of rubber. They're also fairly thin, but rubber is stout enough that I don't feel the pedal pins/spikes through the shoes (only on my legs when I'm walking the bike and bang into them).
FWIW, I've been using a pair of 'walking shoes' that have a substantial steel shank in the sole much like a good hiking boot. my Wellgo pin pedals grab onto these like glue, and the shank keeps me from feeling ANY pedal under me. the pedals have a dish that just about matches the curve of the ball of the sole of the shoes.
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