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Originally Posted by halmc View Post
A worthwhile read for you, I think:

I wrestled with the 350 watt starter on my friend's bike for a year, yada, yada, yada . . .

IMHO, KTM out of common decency, should have sent everyone with a magic button 300 a shiny new 410w starter. But then they should also send everyone with an orange bike a kick stand worthy of the name.
if you use that kickstand like its strong enough to lean on to kick the bike,it will break right then.
Its a 1 lb alu kickstand. It will ONLY hold the bike up,nothing else.

Ive had 0 of them break on KTM's since 1996,broke a bolt on one once.
You just dont stress them hard. I use a tree when possible.

If its a loaded for camping 530 a stronger kickstand is needed.
Some bikes around at times
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